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When should you start marketing your app?

marketing your app

So you’ve decided that you need a business app. Great. It is essential that you get your customers onboard with your new app, and marketing your app is key to achieving this… but when should you start marketing your app? Mobile apps will have the ‘most impact on business success by 2020’ according to research company Gartner, but it’s important to remember that app development is only the first stage of implementing the technology into your core business. After all, what’s an app without a user? 

When should  you start marketing your app? Earlier than you think… but not in the way that you think!

Create a Mobile Marketing Plan

One of the biggest mistakes that businesses make is that they leave their marketing team on the outside of app development, bringing them in only once the app is almost ready to be launched. In order to promote your app in the best possible way, it is imperative that your marketers are involved from the start, staying up-to-date with features and functions so that they know the product inside and out, and are able to use this knowledge to begin identifying keywords and generating optimised content for landing pages, press releases, and the app stores. However, during the early stages it is best to focus on a mobile marketing plan, rather than a full on advertising campaign.


Quite simply, things change. App features often change during development in response to feedback, and this is especially true if you’re choosing to launch in beta with selected users before rolling out your app across the board. Specific marketing during the very early stages of app development could result in reputational damage if some features and functions fail to make it through to the finished product, so app marketing during development should be more about focusing on your mobile plan.

A good mobile marketing plan will prioritise market research, taking a look at what your competitors are doing that makes them stand out from the 1 million other apps in the app store. Is it the price? Compatibility? Features? It’s essential to understand your app’s strengths and weaknesses in comparison to other products, and find your niche.

How to Market a Pre-Launch App

Pre-launch strategies are all about generating excitement and awareness without really going into the ins and outs of the app’s features. This ensures you’re giving yourself room to make changes throughout the development process as needed while still gently introducing the idea to your audience. Right now is the time to start extending your network and building your online presence in preparation for your app launch, ensuring that you have everything you need to go full steam ahead once your app is ready.

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