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How to run your own PR to promote your app

promote your app

You may have chosen to have your business app created by professional developers who understand the best ways to produce a usable, functional, and attractive mobile solution tailored specifically for your customer base. But make no mistake… this is still your app, and it’s still your opportunity to build your client base and engage with your audience on a deeper level. Your input is an essential aspect of app success, and one of the most effective ways to promote your app is through your own PR campaign.

After all… who understands your business better than you do?

Be Your Own Publicist

Before the days of social media networks and blogs, important changes to operations and announcements of major company news were largely done through PR agencies that already had a ready-made network of media sources to share the story. Today, however, we’re in the social era; an era where we’re all connected through the internet.

This makes it easier than ever before to share your brand’s story with those that want to hear it. But it can still be daunting for businesses that have never ventured into the world of PR before, and who aren’t quite sure where to get started.

That’s why we’ve created this checklist for running your own PR to promote your app:

●    Create Your Story

Before reaching out, it’s important that you have a story to share. The angle of your story should be flexible, being able to be easily adapted to match the various sources that you’re planning to target, but the overall message should be consistent, interesting, and relevant. More than anything, though, you should be able to offer great quality.

●    Perfect Your Pitch

The truth is that there’s no such thing as a ‘perfect pitch’; what one publication wants to see will differ from what another is looking for. The perfect pitch is one that can be personalised to match each recipient. It’s important to do some research first, and try to gain a more thorough understanding of what sort of firms each chooses to work with.

●    Know Where Your Audience is

The secret to success? Start small. While promoting your app through major online publications sounds like the ultimate goal, it can actually be more beneficial in terms of reaching the right audiences to start small and grow as you continue to promote your app.

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