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promote your app

How to run your own PR to promote your app

 You may have chosen to have your business app created by professional developers who understand the best ways to produce a usable, functional, and attractive mobile solution tailored specifically for your customer base. But make no mistake… this is still your app, and it’s still your opportunity to build your client base and engage […]

cyber weekend, black friday, cyber monday

Is your business ready for Cyber Weekend?

 Cyber weekend starts with Black Friday and ends with Cyber Monday, and has become probably the biggest shopping event in the retail calendar, apart from perhaps Christmas. And while much of 2020 has been cancelled, it’s looks like Black Friday and Cyber Monday are expected to be bigger than ever […]

working remotely

Apps to stay productive if you’re working remotely from home

 If you have found yourself working remotely this week due to Coronavirus, you may find that it has been somewhat of a shock to the system. While many imagine that it’s a wonderful chance to have a lie-in, work in your PJs and snack all day, the reality is that […]

marketing your app

When should you start marketing your app?

 So you’ve decided that you need a business app. Great. It is essential that you get your customers onboard with your new app, and marketing your app is key to achieving this… but when should you start marketing your app? Mobile apps will have the ‘most impact on business success […]

App Store Optimisation ASO

A beginner’s guide to App Store Optimisation (ASO)

 Once you have found an app developer, decided on a design and eagerly awaited the completion of your new business app, you might think that the bulk of the hard work is done. While this is certainly a milestone, it’s not time to sit back and wait for users to […]

market your app

How to market your app for your audience

 Launching your app is about more than just having the perfect product. It’s important to market your app in the right way to the right people, and make sure your app is being seen by your target audience. There so many ways to get the word out nowadays that you […]

free demo mobile app


 Now more than ever, consumers are spending more time with their noses buried in apps rather than surfing the web. The Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2018 shows that the average internet user spends the majority of their time online with a mobile device – around 3.3 hours per day […]

How does GDPR apply to your mobile app?

 Does your mobile app comply with GDPR? Eazi-Apps and their technical partners have been working towards GDPR compliance. We have made a list of the changes being implemented for GDPR compliance. What Eazi-Apps is doing to ensure GDPR compliance: Research all aspects of our product and business for potential impacts […]



 Eazi-Apps is constantly working to improve your mobile app and the service that they offer through the Eazi-Apps platform. They have announced a source code update which brings exciting new features and improvements to your app capabilities. What’s New: New App user onboarding (walkthrough & sign up) New Customers data […]

online reviews

How to get positive online reviews

 We all know how important online reviews are and you probably know from your own online shopping habits how reviews can influence your buying decision. Why Are Positive Online Reviews Important? Google have had a major change in the way they display local search results. The previous “local 7-pack” results, […]