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Email campaign – design and send service

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Save your time and effort for what you do best

We will establish a consistent style to fit your branding and then design each email campaign for you, making sure they look stunning whether they are viewed on a pc, mobile phone or tablet device. You simply send us your copy and images, we design your email campaign, send you a test for your approval and then send for you.

The most engaging emails today have images that stretch edge-to-edge across different screen sizes. They use clear, compelling text over images with strong calls to action that motivate subscribers to act. As marketers continue to evolve their websites with modern, responsive design, they want their emails to do the same. Marketers want their emails to look like websites because marketers want to deliver a consistent and seamless brand experience across all digital channels no matter where, when or how customers choose to engage. We will design your campaigns with all the latest features, including full screen width ‘hero’ images, as shown below:

Full screen width images

See samples of campaigns sent by FactorEmail in our Portfolio >

Please ask us for a quote.

The price includes the design, layout and sending, and will depend on:

  • Quantity and complexity of your content
  • Frequency of your campaigns
  • Image costs (if applicable)
  • Sending cost: various options, depending on the total number of email recipients on your Subscriber List(s). Find out more>

We will quote a price per campaign or per month, depending on the factors above, discounts apply for more frequent campaigns.

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