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Get great results with professionally designed email marketing campaigns. FactorEmail – our email marketing platform – is easy to use if you want to create and send your own email marketing campaigns, or send us your brief and we will do everything for you.

We offer 3 email marketing services:

  1. Create and send your own email marketing campaigns – using pre-designed templates
  2. Fully managed email marketing service – we design and send your campaigns for you
  3. Email copywriting

If you prefer, we also design and send email marketing campaigns using any ESP (Email Service Provider) such as Mailchimp or Constant Contact.



Firstly, the FactorEmail platform is so easy to use, with drag and drop features to add in your images and text. Your template provides a selection of single, double or triple column layouts. You can preview your campaign and see how it will appear on both pc’s and mobile phones as you work.

When your layout is complete, send yourself a test. When all is checked and ready, you can either send immediately or schedule your campaign to go at a later date and time.

Next time you send a campaign, you can select a previous campaign from a library of ‘Recent Emails’, as a base for your next campaign.

How to use FactorEmail templates for stunning email marketing campaigns >

2. Fully managed email marketing service

Get your business noticed with stunning email marketing, professionally designed to promote your brand and beat your competitors. We design and layout your email campaigns and send tests for your approval. Check it out on your pc and mobile devices. When all is complete your campaign will be sent at a date and time of your choice.

The price includes the design, layout and sending, and will depend on:

  • Quantity and complexity of your content
  • Frequency of your campaigns
  • Image costs (if applicable)
  • Sending cost, depending on the total number of email recipients on your Subscriber List(s).

We will quote a price per campaign or per month, depending on the factors above. Discounts apply for more frequent campaigns.

3. Email copywriting

Finally, if you need help with the words for your campaign, please ask us for a quote for copywriting.

Plus powerful campaign management with Factoremail:

Subscriber Management

Multiple subscriber lists with custom fields for sending segmented campaigns to carefully targeted customers. FactorEmail will manage your subscribers, automatically adding new subscribers and removing unsubscribers, and keeping detailed histories of each individual subscriber. Privacy policy links and GDPR compliant permission statements included.


Journeys are automated emails or ‘autoresponders’, which are triggered by activity such as someone joining a list, a date, or previous campaign opens or clicks. Therefore Journeys are used to create powerful workflows to get the right email, to the right person, at the right time.


Real-time reports clearly show how your campaign is being responded to, with amazing detail, right down to individual subscribers.


Make connections through your app with email sign up forms and autoresponders built into your Eazi-App mobile app. FactorEmail can be integrated with many other online applications, please contact us if you have a particular requirement.

Email marketing campaigns – sending costs

The cost of sending your email marketing campaigns will depend on the number of recipients/subscribers on your lists and the frequency of your campaigns. Consequently we offer 3 payment options.  Find out more>

Face to face Invitation

Ask us for a face-to-face meeting and a free demonstration of the FactorEmail platform.

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FactorEmail has transformed the way we send our mailings. Our mailings not only look great now but it’s so easy to use and we can analyse the results giving us a clear idea of what are our most popular items are, therefore improving what we send and how we send it. If we ever need help with any aspect of our mailing, FactorEmail have been quick and efficient to respond.”

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