Mobile App Pricing (Under Review)

Preparations for the launch of the new Apple App Store later this year, has included new Apple App Guidelines that apply to all new apps published in the Apple App Store. The EaziApps team have been working hard for months to come up with exciting solutions which will take our apps to a new level and ensure that we continue to offer iOS App development as a prestige product for our clients, along with new app solutions such as PWA’s and Private App Store Apps.

This means we are currently having to completely review our pricing for the design and development of mobile apps, and the monthly subscription packages after our apps are published.

New pricing will be published as soon as this is complete. In the meantime please contact us for a quote and a free demo. We apologise for any inconvenience.

Read our latest blog “Raising the bar in mobile apps’ for more information…

Please call 0333 9900 106 if you would like to discuss your app requirements before requesting a free demo app.

15th September 2017