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Referral Scheme

Referral Scheme Mobile Apps

Join the FactorEstudio Eazi-Apps Referral Scheme and you could earn a £50 reward for every referral we receive.

Who do you know who could boost their business with a mobile app? It could be a sports or social club that you belong to, your hairdresser, beauty salon, your favourite pub or restaurant, or one of your own business clients or suppliers.

1. Register for the scheme
We will send you a unique Promotion Code, together with a starter pack of flyers for handing out, and promotional graphics for emailing and posting to your social media.
2. Tell your friends and colleagues
Just hand out your postcards, email or post online – ask them to request a free demo app to discover how an Eazi-App from FactorEstudio will boost their business.
3. They will save up to £100
When they request a free demo app and quote your unique promotion code, we will know the referral has come from you. They will receive a guaranteed discount on their design and development fee – £50 if they have a combined Android, iPhone and HTML5 Web App, or £100 if they include a tablet version.
4. You get a £50 Reward
If they decide to go ahead with a mobile app, you will receive a £50 reward when the app is published in the App Stores!

Your reward, your choice of:

  • £50 Gift Card or shopping vouchers
  • £50 discount on any of our design services
  • £50 donation to the charity of your choice
  • £50 payment to your business bank account (invoice required)

Find out more about our mobile apps… or call Barbara Pilgrim on 0333 9900 106.

To join our Referral Scheme, please call Barbara Pilgrim on 0333 9900 106 or send us an email.