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Why tattoo studios need a mobile app

Tattoo studio mobile app

It’s safe to say that some years back tattoos formally entered the ‘mainstream’ and have been there ever since. More people than ever are getting inked and there are dozens of tattoo studios in every city and town.
 Most tattoo studios are privately owned businesses and their success rides on exactly how much business they can do every day. So, how can a tattoo studio ensure it is drawing in enough custom? How can you encourage organic footfall when you offer such a unique, specialised service?
 Whether you’re a popular studio based in the middle of the city, or a little shop out on the urban fringe, your business can benefit from a well-made mobile app and the many features available.

Email Forms

A good artist knows how important trust is between you and your client. After all, you are leaving a permanent mark on them. It’s also vital that you can collaborate on the design your client is hoping you will finish. Email forms integrated into an app allow users to message the business with questions, ideas and tattoo designs.

Image Sharing

As tattooing is a largely visual medium, it’s important that your potential and regular customers can see your artwork in all forms. An image gallery on your app gives quick access for prospective clients to check the quality and style of your work. The ability to upload images means you and your client can work on a design until every last detail is perfect and mutually agreed upon. You can also integrate you Instagram, You Tube, Facebook, Twitter or any other social media for instant inclusion in your app.

Merchandise Ordering and Selling

Of course, you’re not just offering body art. Most tattoo studios sell body piercings, after care products, and often their own branded merchandise. These transactions are vital, but might keep you and your staff tied up with busy work. Instead, your app can feature an in built store. Customers can select their products, order and pay for them from within the app. Not only is this more convenient for everyone, but it encourages customer loyalty and repeated use of your mobile app.

Push Notifications and Events

We all have slow days at work. But for a business relying on daily transactions to break even, a slow day can be devastating.
Using push notifications, you could reach out to customers and clients and offer ‘today only’ discounts on all your products and merchandise. This can be a quick, easy way to counter a slow business day and would just require a few taps of your phone screen.


When your business model is as unique as a tattoo studio, a mobile app makes perfect sense.
As we have seen, there are lots of details for you and prospective clients to consider in deciding to get a tattoo. But Eazi-Apps mobile app building platform ensures all these details can be worked out in one place, through one, feature packed app.
Bringing the whole process together in one efficient mobile app will make your studio stand out from the competition.

HD13 Custom Tattoo Mobile AppFactorEstudio has designed and developed a mobile app using the Eazi-Apps platform, for HD13 Custom Tattoo.

HD13 Custom Tattoo studio in Norwich, UK, provides intricate and highly skilled tattoo artistry, together with piercings and tattoo removal. Their app has all the features mentioned above to help them showcase their creativity and build customer loyalty with exclusive mobile only offers and a mobile Loyalty Card. You can also book appointments online with a few taps of the screen, and see the latest work by their talented team of tattoo artists.

Take a look and download the app today:

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