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Which mobile app development strategy is right for businesses?

Mobile App strategy

As mobile apps grow in popularity around the world through popular applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp to name just a few, more and more businesses are looking to implement a mobile app into their marketing mix. Supply and demand are big factors that determine the type of mobile apps that are being created as well as governing the prices being charged.

When it comes to mobile app development, or any type of software development to be fair, there are usually two main avenues to explore – custom vs. feature driven solutions. During the course of this blog we aim to explore both methodologies and understand which development strategy is right for your business.

Custom App Solutions

As the name suggests, custom app solutions are created usually from the ground up and tailored exactly to the requirements of the organisation or app owner. A good example would be large multinational organisations that develop custom apps for internal use that help employees record and track information whilst out in the field. Another example could be organisations that need their mobile app to communicate and integrate with existing systems within the organisation through the use of an API (application programming interface). As we have seen, the custom app option is attractive to businesses looking for specific and seamless integration between existing systems and tailored to their requirements.

However, opting for a custom app solution is not always the right course of action or indeed best solution for many app related projects. One of the biggest negatives surrounding custom app development is the cost associated with the project. For example, employing a specialist company to code an app to your exact requirements will cost many multiples of opting for a feature driven solution. As a result, this method is often not economically feasible for most businesses interested in creating an app to complement their marketing activities.

Another aspect to consider is the time investment needed for a custom app development project. For instance, it generally takes a substantial amount of time for developers to understand the clients business and even longer to then code the application. Added to this is the amount of bugs that naturally occur as part of a custom app development project that will affect the launch date, cost and ultimately user experience if not fully resolved.

Feature Driven App Solutions

Mobile apps developed using a feature or drag and drop interface compare very well to more expensive custom apps due to the advances in technology and range of features available in most app development platforms. For most businesses looking to add a mobile app to their brand identity, a feature driven solution is a good choice as it combines great features with manageable costs. A feature driven mobile app can benefit from features such as ordering systems, reservation systems, and loyalty programs to engage customers and provide a streamlined user experience.

As well as lower costs, another big advantage is the speed in which a feature driven app can be launched. Since most of the features are ‘pre-built’, only information unique to the business (e.g. contact details, menu’s etc.) is needed to populate the app. This immediately saves time and money when comparing it to other solutions.

One of the limitations of a feature driven solution is the lack of flexibility afforded to modifying any of the core features and in particular the source code. Since all features introduced into a feature driven mobile app development platform are built independently and thoroughly strength tested, it is not always possible to edit the source code of the feature set. However, this does not present a major obstacle to fulfilling the needs of most businesses as they do not require large amounts of customisation.


Having assessed the merits and drawbacks of both methodologies, which option is best for most businesses? In our opinion, the feature driven solution is ideal for the majority of businesses as it combines cutting edge features with minimal costs and quick deployment. For the majority of businesses such as restaurants, hair salons, bars, schools, sports clubs, accountancy and law firms etc. a feature driven solution is ideal.

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