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Eazi-Apps is constantly working to improve your mobile app and the service that they offer through the Eazi-Apps platform. They have announced a source code update which brings exciting new features and improvements to your app capabilities.

What’s New:

  • New App user onboarding (walkthrough & sign up)
  • New Customers data page
  • New Groups (previously known as Membership) Add-on & features
  • New ROI Dashboard
  • New Additional Web App (PWA) & Devices App Analytics
  • New Single Push Notifications

To find out more, please see the Eazi-Apps Blog – App Onboarding and Customer Data.

App Onboarding

The new App Onboarding is an optional feature – it’s up to you if and when you want to use it in your app. It provides a simple and seamless walkthrough that educates the user on the value of the app, as well as the feature permission requests. At the end of the walkthrough, users have the option to sign-up for the app and create their own profile.

This type of onboarding is known as benefits-oriented onboarding and demonstrates the value the users will get from the app, in an attempt to encourage conversion.

Your app includes a default Privacy Policy provided by Eazi-Apps. You can find this in the Settings of your app, just tap on the cog icon on the home screen. If you have your own online Privacy Policy, this can be displayed instead.

Eazi-Apps is currently reviewing their Privacy Policy in preparation for GDPR, and we will update you in due course.

IMPORTANT: The source code updates are all live on PWAs. However to utilize these updates on native apps, they will need to be republished.

SAVE £30 – Republishing Fee reduced from £90 to £60.

Please confirm your app republication by Thursday 29th March. Send us an email or call 0333 9900 106

This offer is for a limited period only. Due to new regulations being introduced by Apple, from 1st April 2018 republishing will include an admin fee of £90 plus an annual Apple Developer Fee of US$99

Changes announced by Apple

After the 1st of April 2018, all app republishes will need to be republished into the businesses’ own Apple developer account. To do this they will need their own D.U.N.S. number. They can setup their developer account here. We would then transfer the app out of the Eazi-Apps central account into the new business account and then send for republishing.

Note: There is an annual Apple Developer Fee of US$99.

If you decide not to update your native app, it will still remain live and available from Google Play and Apple App Store, but the new source code update will not be active. The new features will be active in your webapp and you may therefore prefer to encourage users to switch to your webapp version.

Please send us an email or call 0333 9900 106 if you would like advice on how to do this, or to request a quote for a mobile marketing campaign.