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Restaurants fed up of being bitten by Just Eat

Independent food ordering apps vs Just Eat

Restaurants and takeaways are paying a high price to be included in food ordering apps such as Just Eat. An in-depth study of takeaway restaurants that are using Just Eat was released by Red Brick Research. The results support EaziApps efforts to provide restaurants and takeaways with a cheaper alternative that promotes their brand independently. The report revealed that 66% of Just Eat customers felt its transaction fees are unfair and 53% are looking to leave if an alternative is provided.

Red Brick’s report analysed over 400 UK takeaways using Just Eat and found that the minimum 10% transaction fee is costing restaurateurs £725 per month on average. In contrast, Eazi-App monthly app fees are a fraction of that cost and additional fee is not taken from each sale.

In fact, over half (52%) said they had lost ‘significant revenue’ because loyal, repeat customers are using Just Eat to place their orders. The Eazi-Apps food ordering system allows customers to order food in a fast and simple way. A huge added bonus is that restaurants can send out unlimited push notifications that pop up on their customer’s mobile devices with offers and deals resulting in extra walk-in traffic.

49% say Just Eat makes it harder to build direct relationships with their customers. Eazi-Apps can help restaurateur’s build lasting customer relationships through excellent loyalty features and social media integration. Businesses recognise that the cost of acquiring a new customer is 6 to 7 times more than keeping an existing customer and appreciate these in-demand features.

As restaurants and takeaways become more dependent on Just Eat, the frustration levels increase. While 57% of those that pay £101-500 monthly commission fees to Just Eat disagree that its fees are fair, this jumps to a staggering 81% for high spending takeaways that have to part with £1,001-£2,000 a month in commission.

Just Eat has a classic broker model; it will match customers with restaurants and takeaways. This has proved effective in acquiring new customers, but if a restaurant wants to grow and remain profitable, they need something more. Independent food ordering apps can enhance customer engagement, unsaddled by high monthly costs that eat away profit. Independent food ordering apps can sell a service, but more importantly they can keep the customer coming back for more.

To see how Eazi-Apps from FactorEStudio provide independent food ordering apps that takes NO COMMISSION from your sales, contact us today.

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