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Raising the bar in mobile apps

Raising the bar in mobile apps

There are massive changes ahead that are raising the bar in mobile apps. Both Google and Apple are rewriting their rule books, and app developers are rising to the challenge! This is driving the evolution of new app solutions and more options to meet the needs of businesses:

  • Progressive Web Apps (PWA’s) are one of the biggest emerging mobile technologies. Where responsive websites came before, PWA’s provide fast, reliable and engaging experiences blurring the line between native apps and the web. They will be accessed via the web rather than downloaded from the app stores, taking a fraction of the memory required for a downloaded app. PWA’s will be the perfect solution for smaller businesses with limited budgets. We’ll be posting more on this soon…
  • Private App Store Apps are particularly useful for organisations that want to distribute apps internally. They offer a solution for businesses hosting private events, or large-scale offices in need of an in-house employee solution, or schools who want to make their apps privately available.  Businesses can send out push notifications and manage the app in exactly the same way. We’ll be posting more on this soon…
  • Android Apps will continue to be published on Google Play, to satisfy what is currently 87% of the smartphone market.
  • iOS Apps published on the new Apple App Store due to launch later this year, will be a premium product with a price to match. Design and development will be of the highest quality to meet Apple’s strict requirements.

As Apple have been preparing to launch their new iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X, together with their new mobile operating system iOS11 and a new Apple App Store, all due to happen in the next few weeks, developers have been working extremely hard to meet their new app development requirements announced at the annual Apple conference in June this year.

The new Apple App Store Review guidelines include:

  • High quality app screenshots that show value to your customers.

App screenshots are displayed in the App Store to showcase the look and functionality of your app. We will provide a selection of high quality app screenshots, enhanced in professional image editing software.

  • The app name and description must be professional.

The app description is your opportunity to convince users to download your app. This part of the app sometimes comes as an afterthought, but we treat this as a important part of your app development process and we’ll provide advice and help to get it right. This can make a huge difference when your app is being reviewed. Here is a great article for reference: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/245067

  • The design of the app is dynamic and clean.

You have to ensure that the app has a clear purpose with use of high quality imagery, professionally designed, and provides real value to the user. FactorEstudio is a licensed developer for EaziApps, and our design experience will ensure that your app is designed to the highest standard.

  • The app contains useful functionality.

The most valuable features should be located towards the top of the navigation, with use of native functionality. In the final the development process we will ensure that the functionality is correctly positioned and the most appropriate functions are activated for the approval of your app.

The EaziApps support team provide a thorough internal review process, so any potential snags will be ironed out before your app is submitted to Apple.

Some app developers will no longer be offering iOS Apps if they cannot meet the new Apple guidelines. However, the EaziApps team have been working hard for months to come up with exciting solutions which will take our apps to a new level and ensure that we continue to offer iOS App development as a prestige product for our clients, along with new app solutions such as PWA’s and Private App Store Apps.

FactorEstudio is a licensed developer for Eazi-Apps, together with a full range of design and marketing services across all media. 

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