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How to provide a seamless customer experience in store, online and on mobile

In an extremely competitive online marketplace where customers have endless options for making purchases, customer experience has become one of the main differentiators between retailers.

In fact, data from Gartner says that by as soon as 2017, 89% of businesses will compete solely on customer experience. So how do you provide a seamless customer experience in store, online and on mobile?

Experience matters. Customers want a consistent, cohesive experience across all brand assets that’s user-friendly and thoughtfully designed.

If certain aspects of your customer experience are lacking, frustrating, or forgotten – you’ll lose customers and they’ll tell their friends how disappointed they were in the process. 59% of 25-34 year-old share poor customer experiences online, according to New Voice Media. The positive side of this, however, is that customers who have a positive experience online are three times more likely to recommend a brand, according to Harvard Business Review.

A consistent, positive experience across all customer touchpoints is extremely important. You can’t have an awesome website, but then disappoint customers with a lackluster email or disjointed checkout process. These disrupt the customer experience – and can hurt your bottom line.

So what can retailers do to improve their customer experience?

Better apps & integrations = Better customer experience across all touchpoints

We know how important customer experience is – the question is, how can we go about improving it with the right apps, integrations, and tools?

There’s lots of buzz in the marketing world right now about marketing technology stacks, and a recent study showed that 82% of marketers are using best in breed technology to get the job done.

Basically, that means instead of going with all-in-one solutions, they’re hand picking the best tools to get the job done.

best of breed technology graph

When a retailer wants to create a more personalized, cohesive follow-up experience for a customer who just made a purchase, they might find an integration for their eCommerce store, their CRM, their email marketing platform and their mobile app.

By pairing these four tools, they could send a highly relevant, personalized message that utilizes customer and purchase data for each individual customer – all while taking advantage of automation features via unique customer journeys.

Mobile-first across the board

Over 53% of emails are now opened on mobile devices so creating mobile-friendly experiences for customers at every turn is more important than ever before. Make sure your website, online retail store, email templates and mobile app are cohesively designed with a mobile-first mentality.

As people are spending more time on their smartphones is that time translating into sales for retailers? The short answer: Yes.

Data from Forrester forecasts that mobile commerce transactions will indeed be on the rise, increasing from $115B in 2015 to $142B in 2016.

Facebook’s IQ Source ‘Omni-channel Shoppers’ study also found that mobile is extremely important within the shopping experience – even if it’s not the final checkout destination. 1 in 3 shoppers do research on mobile before making a purchase, 45% of all shopping journeys contain an action on mobile.

Facebook mobile shopping experience

This means that a poor mobile experience can be disruptive to the customer experience as a whole – and it can hurt your bottom line, too. Mobile customer experience improvements are a must. If your mobile users are frustrated, they’ll seek out a better experience elsewhere.

EaziApps from FactorestudioMobile marketing is here to stay – and it’s no passing trend. Your own mobile app gives you the opportunity to bring all of your promotions together in your customers pocket, with the added bonus of push messages and GEO fenced marketing to alert your customers to your offers and draw them into your store, either through the door or online via their mobile.

In conclusion

Retailers can leverage tools, apps, and integrations to begin to improve the overall customer experience across all touchpoints. Once you start to put these tools to work, the seamlessness of a smooth process makes for a more professional, polished brand that keeps your customers coming back again and again.

Creating a more consistent customer experience across all touchpoints (thanks to handy apps, integrations, and back-end systems) will be a differentiator of successful retailers from others in the online space. Only time will tell – but in the meantime, those who cater to the mobile-first mentality will surely be the ones who gain a competitive foothold.

FactorEstudio can provide seamless integration of your all your retail activities, including:

  • email marketing campaigns linked to your online store
  • automated emails triggered by your your customer responses
  • email marketing integrated with your CRM
  • email sign up from your website, mobile app and Facebook page
  • shopping via your Eazi-Apps mobile app, with your own mobile shop or integrated with your Shopify, Magento, or other existing eCommerce providers
  • mobile offers and vouchers linked to your mobile and online shop
  • mobile loyalty schemes
  • push messages to send out your offers to customers mobile devices
  • push message subscription from your app allows customers to optin or out of targeted messages
  • GEO fenced marketing, triggered by preset GPS locations to draw customers to your store

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Source: How retailers can provide a seamless cross channel customer experience and Mobile marketing trends for retailers, which appeared first on Campaign Monitor.
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