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Get mobile in your marketing strategy for 2019

Mobile marketing strategy 2019


If your business doesn’t yet have an app, you might well be mulling over whether it’s time to add one to your 2019 marketing strategy. To help you decide if you need to build a business app next year, look out for these signs that your customers are crying out for an app from your brand…

1.  Your competitors already have one

When thinking about whether you need to build a mobile app for your business or not, it’s natural to look at what your competitors are doing first. If most of your closest rivals do have their own app in the App Store or Google Play, it’s fair to say you should probably have one too.

But what if none of your competitors have their own app? Don’t rush to discount the idea and decide that it must not be needed then, because this could well be your chance to step ahead of the competition.

You simply need to determine if your industry peers haven’t developed an app because there is no customer demand or, if they just haven’t gotten around to it, have directed budget elsewhere or, it hasn’t even occurred to them that they might.

2.  You’re eager to develop new ways to add value to your customers

Every successful business puts its customers at its heart and central to that is being proactive about finding new ways to surprise, delight and add value. There’s a very good chance that you can use a business app to bring additional value to your customers so if you have already identified ways that you can deliver a better service, offer more perks or generally improve your customer experience, then an app is a great way to deliver on those ideals.

3.  You want to maintain closer relationships with your customers

Google’s research shows that brand loyalty is subject to quick decay and even older consumers no longer stay loyal to brands they have used for decades if they come across a better offer or service.

Whether you want to stay in closer contact with your clients or nurture loyalty, a mobile app is a smart, modern and wholly customisable solution that can help you to do just that in 2019.

4.  You want a new direct market channel

Most of us spend hours and hours a day glued to our smartphones – a point proven by the fact that mobile internet use now surpasses desktop internet access.

An app is a fantastic direct marketing channel and gives you an outlet to provide the very latest information, multimedia, prices, offers, promotions and news to your customers.

If you are ready to get mobile in your marketing strategy for 2019

For cost effective app development, we design and build mobile apps for business using the Eazi-Apps online platform. The online dashboard gives you access to manage your own mobile marketing and create your own mobile promotions.

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