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Turning the spotlight on events within a mobile app

events within a mobile app

A mobile application is a great way for businesses to connect with their customers and boost engagement as well as retention. As technology has advanced and evolved, there are a number of interactive and diverse features available to make each mobile app unique. With that being said, the focus of this blog is to turn the spotlight on the Events feature and showcase how versatile and effective listing events within a mobile app can really be.

What Type of Events Can Be Listed

We understand that the modern day business can organise and host a range of events during the year. Whether it is a sports club listing upcoming games to create awareness or a bar/nightclub listing a themed evening, the types of events displayed within the mobile app are entirely dependent on the business.

One of the biggest benefits of listing events within a mobile app centres on creating awareness or acknowledgement of upcoming events amongst the app audience. It also feeds into one of the central pillars of why users download the mobile app initially, namely, to stay connected with the business and find out about upcoming events and changes. As explored in previous blogs, one of the primary uses of a mobile app is to boost customer retention and reach out to existing customers who already have a relationship or affinity with the business.

How Does The Events Feature Work

The events feature is a very powerful and engaging feature that can result in significant success if incorporated in the right way. It allows businesses to list events, provide a description of the event as well as add photos which relate to the event. In addition, a business has the ability to add the ‘I’m Going’ button which allows users to RSVP for upcoming events and create an air of exclusivity around an upcoming event.

What Are The Benefits Of The Events Feature

One of the biggest benefits of the events feature and something that has been highlighted above is the level of awareness the events feature creates. For example, having upcoming events listed within the app allows mobile app users to see at a glance a summary of events at their favourite bar, restaurant or sports club.

The user friendliness of the events feature, such as the ability for mobile app users to leave comments or RSVP for events means that it is often a feature that has a high level of activity amongst the audience base. In our experience, the more intuitive a feature the more engagement the feature warrants within the mobile app. With businesses striving to boost interaction between their business and their customers, having interactive and useful features such as the events feature are a sure fire way to connect with customers and stand out from the crowd.

Using The Events Feature With Other Features

Having powerful features as standalone features within a mobile app are great, but when combined with other features and technologies, they can have a lasting impact upon customers. A great example of this is utilising the events feature with push notifications to remind customers of upcoming events. Taking this a stage further, businesses can use geo-targeted push messages to alert mobile app users when they enter into a location which is in close proximity to an upcoming event. Being creative with the feature set available can allow any business to utilise the full power of the events feature.


As we have seen throughout this blog, there are a number of ways in which events within a mobile app can be used to highlight upcoming events and connect with the audience. The key thing to remember is that the events within a mobile app is a great way for businesses to keep their customers informed and create a buzz around upcoming events.

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