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Warning – The dangers of a DIY app

DIY Apps warning red flag

Take care if venturing into unknown water. The focus of this blog is to warn you of the many pitfalls that businesses encounter if they decide to produce a DIY app using generic, low cost, do-it-yourself app building sites. A quick search online will bring up a list of websites that essentially claim to allow businesses to build their own app for a very low cost and in some instances, for free.  The old adage of “you get what you pay for” springs to mind.

Some of the main problems of using a generic, low cost, DIY app building site are:

  • Lack of customisation – all the apps built from the low cost site will look and feel the same, using generic images available to all their customers, so not distinguishing your business from any other.
  • Lack of native functionality – check the functions available, neglecting the key features of your users’ phone (e.g. camera) will limit the amount of interaction a customer has with your business.
  • No guidance on deciding what features to include – as a small business you are undoubtedly an expert in your field, however the mobile market may be a world away from your daily operations, so how can you decide the type of features your customers will want within an app?
  • Reduced chance of getting your app published – Apple is very strict about what they allow to be published on their app store and have stringent guidelines. How can you maximise your chance of having your app published?
  • Minimal downloads – many of these generic sites do not give you a strategy on how to get the app onto your customers’ handsets.
  • Lack of marketing support – once your app is published you need to promote it. Does your DIY app also mean DIY promotion?
  • Making changes or needing help – who do you contact if you need to amend your app? If you encounter a technical problem with your app, how do you resolve this?
  • Sub-standard product – by not having a mobile marketing expert guiding you on every stage of the app process, from conception to adoption, you are minimising the benefits the app could have for your business.

As the above list has shown, there are many pitfalls and problems with using lows cost sites to build your own app and in the long term, they can be detrimental to your business and your brand.

Another problem with the DIY app approach is that you are working from a fixed template to create your business app. These generic low cost apps do not allow you to edit every pixel within the app and really customise it to your business. The end result is a low quality app that does not distinguish itself from the competition. One of the central aims of an app is to be unique to your business and tie in with your existing brand – something that a generic app will not allow you to do.

They may be a cheap solution, but you will have to spend your time creating your app, getting to grips with the app building, app store publishing, and how to use it once you have it.

What is the alternative?

Before you take the plunge into dangerous DIY app waters, take a look at Eazi-Apps mobile apps for business designed and developed by FactorEstudio.

We take time  to design your app to enhance your branding and raise your business profile above your competitors. We believe in working with businesses to formulate their mobile marketing strategy. Planning, building and publishing your app are only the start of the journey. From here, we clearly define strategies unique to your business to maximise customer downloads and analyse the performance of your app every step of the way. We help your business leverage your mobile technology to get consistent results and ultimately improve your bottom line.

  • Every app we develop includes free graphics to put on your website, social media and printed marketing materials, including a high quality visual of your app.
  • We can design leaflets, posters, table top promoters, pull-up banners and any other marketing materials to promote your app.
  • Email marketing – we can integrate your email marketing subscribe forms eg. MailChimp, iContact, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor/FactorEmail – and design and send email campaigns for you.
  • Support – we build a relationship with you as well as designing and building your app. As well as 24/7 online support from Eazi-Apps, you will have your own dedicated app developer to provide support and guidance – by telephone and face-to-face – we will gladly meet with you for coffee!
  • We offer a range of mobile marketing services packages, to suite your budget, which include all our design services to help you promote your app and any other marketing activities.

To find out how Eazi-Apps from FactorEstudio will help your business get ahead of your competitors, contact us today.

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Source:  ” Don’t do it yourself – the danger of DIY apps for your business” appeared on FactorEstudio is a licensed developer for Eazi-Apps.