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Apps to stay productive if you’re working remotely from home

working remotely

If you have found yourself working remotely this week due to Coronavirus, you may find that it has been somewhat of a shock to the system.

While many imagine that it’s a wonderful chance to have a lie-in, work in your PJs and snack all day, the reality is that being out of the office environment can mean that your productivity slips and the tasks you have set yourself to progress with your new business app launch for example or figure out your app marketing plan simply aren’t getting done. Luckily, there are lots of apps that can help you to manage your time and stay productive while you’re forced to work from home…


If you are used to working in an office where you can simply walk into a colleague’s office or have a conversation across the room, you may find that being in a different location seriously stints your productivity. If this is the case, give Zoom a try. This call and video messaging app has both paid and free solutions so you can schedule meetings and quickly speak – and see – to co-workers to get their input on your project to move forward.

Google Hangouts

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, Google has made the premium version of Google Hangouts free to use until summer so businesses and schools can keep working. Use it for video meetings and team huddles.


A project management app you can use on your computer or mobile device, Basecamp is an excellent way to stay organised and keep work flowing, whether you’re a small or large team. You can use this to collaborate with others, create to do lists and set deadlines for projects, working in conjunction with both colleagues and clients. The satisfaction of ticking a job off is sure to keep you motivated! The other great thing about Basecamp is all files are stored centrally so there’s no danger of wasting hours searching for a file that was emailed to you three months ago on Outlook.


Your organisation may already use Slack, so popular is it as an email replacement but if not, what better time to give it a try? You can set up specific groups to keep all communications in one place, either divided into business units or project and client teams. This helps to eliminate dozens of emails backwards and forwards and keeps everyone on the same place to help with overall productivity.

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