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Now more than ever, consumers are spending more time with their noses buried in apps rather than surfing the web. The Mary Meeker Internet Trends Report 2018 shows that the average internet user spends the majority of their time online with a mobile device – around 3.3 hours per day in fact. Of that, around 58 minutes is thought to be spent on Instagram alone, while other apps such as Facebook, Snap and WhatsApp also dominate mobile screen time.

Even outside of those app juggernauts, our reliance on mobile and tablet screens means that there are plenty of reasons why you should invest in a mobile app before the end of this year. Here, we’ve rounded up just six of them to carry you right through to December.

#1 Increased brand visibility

Given how dependent we all tend to be on our smartphones, the creation of a mobile app means that your brand will benefit from increased brand visibility. Once installed, your business is right there, ready and waiting, on the most used, trusted and viewed device that any of us own.

#2 Better customer relationships

Having an app gives you the opportunity to build a better relationship with your customers. You can do this by adding value, maintaining a more consistent channel of communication, offering great or exclusive content, discounts or other perks. All of this and you can use your app to better understand your customer behaviour, setting you up for even more success.

#3 Your own direct marketing channel

Having an app gives you another branded, direct marketing channel at your disposal. Fully under your control, this is yet another avenue that you can leverage to generate conversions or bring you closer to your audience.

#4 Better customer service

We have long since seen how consumers, especially Millennials and Generation Z are rejecting the traditional customer service methods and turning instead to social media. Having your own app built for your business takes this a step further and allows you to offer even better customer service, in a format that your audience is already proven to know and love. This is a great way to boost customer satisfaction and leave them with an even better impression of your brand.

#5 Better profits

Let’s say you are a holiday company. Your customers will make their holiday booking online, over the phone or perhaps in store. But then what? If they don’t purchase excursions or order travel money from you at the point of booking, is that opportunity for upsell lost? Not if you have a mobile app. With a mobile app you can boost your profits by generating additional opportunities to cross-sell and up-sell.

#6 Stand out from the crowd

It’s a fact that some of your competitors will probably have an app – but the majority likely won’t. By having an app built for your business, you’re giving yourself the chance to stand out from the competition and offer something that others in your field don’t.


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