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5 Reasons For Restaurants Or Takeaways To Have Their Own Mobile App


Reaching your customers on their mobile phone via your own branded mobile app is a great way to help encourage new sales, customer loyalty and overall brand awareness. This is especially true for restaurants or takeaways. Recently, there have been some strong advertising campaigns from the likes of Just Eat but the cost for restaurants or takeaways to use this service is high. Below are 5 reasons why restaurants or takeaways should have their own mobile app:

1. Mobile Food Ordering

We recently wrote a blog about our new Native Food Ordering System that was completely rebuilt from the ground up. More and more people are now placing food orders via their mobile devices and food establishments can take advantage of this huge trend. With options for delivery, pick-up or dine-in during the ordering process, this is a must have for any restaurants or takeaways that wants to increase sales.

2. Loyalty Programs

Research has shown that it can cost 6 times as much to attract a new customer as it does to retain an existing one. Rewarding customers for repeat visits with special deals and offers can keep them coming back for more. Businesses can incorporate a digital loyalty program in their own mobile app with incentives to ensure that they look after their best customers.

3. Table Reservations

Allowing customers to reserve tables at their favourite restaurant with a few clicks can increase overall bookings. Building in a reservation system into their own mobile app can make this possible and reduce calls to the restaurant, especially during busy times. Customers can simply pick their date, time and specify how many guests and they are booked in! Alternatively your existing online reservation system can be integrated into your app.

4. Push Notifications

Using the Eazi-Apps push notification service, restaurants and takeaways can now send out messages that pop-up on their customers mobile devices. They can use this service to drive in extra walk-in traffic during quiet times or send out deals and offers to encourage new business. Businesses can even setup GeoFence push notifications and when someone comes close to their business or within a specified area, their customers instantly get a location-specific message on their mobile device.

5. Social Media Integration

Businesses can now integrate their social media pages directly into their mobile app, helping them increase visibility on the social networks. This can include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and almost any other social network they are promoting their business on. This is a great way for businesses to increase their online presence and keep their restaurant or takeaway at the front of their customers’ mind.

It was only a few years ago when mobile apps were being seen as nothing more than a fad or new trend for businesses. There were bold predictions back in 2008 with headlines like “Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014”. A report from ComScore shows that we are now past the mobile tipping point and it is no longer a case of whether mobile marketing is important, it is now essential for businesses to have a mobile strategy.

With the number of mobile devices now exceeding the global human population, consumers are engaging with businesses via their mobile device first before any other method. It has never been a better time for restaurants and takeaways to start engaging their customers through their own mobile app.

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