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Love it or hate it, change happens (part 3) looking forward to 2014

Change is good. This is the last in our blogs looking back at how the graphic design industry has changed in the last 25 years. As we move on to the new year, we look forward to some exciting changes ahead and anticipate how they will affect us all.

New year / new skills

In recent years there has been the rise of digital design and publishing.

What is digital design and publishing?

All graphic design is now digital. Instead of a collection of layout documents and all the attached images and font files, we now supply the printer with a simple PDF file, which is a digital file. But the terms ‘digital design’ and ‘digital publishing’  refer to documents for on-screen viewing  rather than printing output, whether that screen is a pc, mobile phone, or tablet device.

All that change was tame compared to what has happened in the past 3 to 4 years. The number of print books sold has been surpassed by the number of books downloaded from sites such as Amazon and iTunes. Print magazines have been brought back to life as interactive applications. Corporations are creating presentations for coputer screens instead of printed brochures.

It’s a whole new world of digital publishing. Exciting times, yes, but the print designer has to rethink and relearn a whole new world.

But this new world will not just affect designers. I believe that all of us in business will have to rethink how we write and present our sales and marketing materials and presentations.

At FactorEstudio we will be embracing these changes in the coming year. Bring it on!