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Improving email campaign open rates on pc and mobile

Email campaign open rates

A good email campaign has been a business staple since personal computers became common place. Unless we replace the very concept of ‘email’, email marketing will never go away. It’s a powerful tool, a fast, effective way to share information about your business with thousands of subscribers. An email can be packed full of information and offers, calls to action that drives traffic to your website and plenty of other ways to encourage customers to interact with your business. Emails can contain exclusive offers and promotions that are only available to subscribers, building your customer base and loyalty through simple communications.

That is, of course, if they open the email. The one down side of email being so prevalent is that consumers have become skilled professionals at ignoring marketing mail that doesn’t appeal to them. They will let their inbox fill with unread mail, or have it all filtered into their spam inbox, never to be opened or even seen.

Improving the rates at which people actually open your emails isn’t difficult. Let us show you how;

Make it To The Inbox

The first step in ensuring your emails actually get read is to make sure they land in the right inbox. Spam filters are designed to spot particular subject lines, words, meta tags and even some images and filter those emails to the safety of the spam inbox. Avoid this content and be careful with your formatting. Lots of exclamation points or oddly placed capitalisation will see your email ignored by spam filters and prospective readers alike.

Using merge tags will personalise emails by adding the recipient’s name and reduce your chances of being filtered, but there is also an old fashioned defence against spam boxes; ask your subscribers to add the company email to their approved contacts list.

Grab Their Attention;

The average adult is exposed to up to 250 marketing messages per day. Alongside this they will be sending and receiving personal messages and could be involved in dozens of different communications about their life or work. Your email is one of many they might only glance at as it arrives in their inbox, so you must maximise that first glance as much as you can.

To stand out, you must make sure your subject line will leap out at your readers. An especially funny or clever subject line will always draw attention. Or you could try a very current trend of wording subject lines as if the email was sent from a personal account rather than a corporate one.

Content and Formatting

The emails you send your subscribers should be interesting, engaging and as we’ve discussed it should be encouraging the recipients into some kind of action. If you are a retailer or restaurant, you want customers to make a purchase, either from your brick and mortar store, or using your website or mobile app. As such the content of your email should be focussing on your products or services and how your customers will get better value for money by choosing you over other retailers.

Your formatting is where you can apply a real individual stamp on the emails, a look and a style that reminds customers of you whenever they see it. You may choose to place lots of images, with just a few key lines of copy. Or you may go the other way, detailed, informative copy supported by one or two key images.

Tailor Emails To Different Customers

Segmenting your mailing list is a key way to ensure customers notice your messages. You might target customers by age or their purchase histories, sending out a special notice that a particular brand or service is on offer.

Segmenting and personalising emails also shows your customers that you recognise their individuality, and that there are real people behind these communications.

Optimise, Optimise, Optimise

Remember, the chances are good that most of your emails will be viewed on your customers smartphones. This means taking the time to optimise every post for mobile devices so your customers can check them out on the go.

As such, your formatting should be mobile friendly. This could mean the email is compressed down to fit a mobile screen, so your formatting must take this into consideration. Use smaller images, be consistent and smart about fonts, and of course, make your calls to action very clear and obvious, so consumers can more easily select them.

Grow your Audience

To grow your email subscriber lists, make your email sign up forms available from your website, social media and your mobile app, and make sure your sign up forms are optimised for all devices so that subscribers can sign up quickly and easily.

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