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How to write Christmas email subject lines that get results

Christmas email subject lines

In any relationship, your opening line sets the tone for what’s to follow and emails are no different. In the final run up to Christmas, your Christmas email subject lines  communicate your email’s value to the recipient and encourages them to read further and, potentially, to engage with your brand on a deeper level by responding to your call to action (CTA).

A poor subject line is more than just bad: It can contribute to your email being marked as spam, damaging your reputation with your customer and search engines. In fact, 69% of email recipients report email as spam based solely on the subject line.

Even if your subscribers don’t report an email as spam, people typically look to the subject line to determine whether or not to open the email at all, so it needs to be as inviting as possible.

Clever, attention-getting email subject lines have the effect of increasing engagement and keeping your emails where they belong, in the inboxes of your prospects. That’s why it’s important to focus on your subject lines as an important part of your email marketing campaigns instead of leaving them as a last minute item to be completed right before you hit send.

To stay on target, you must:

1. Get the length right

Guidelines show that the sweet spot is a subject line that’s between 6 and 10 words in length. A few more words or a few less doesn’t won’t adversely affect your results too much, but too many words (over 20) or no words at all will cause a problem.

2. Exclude the word “newsletter”

Do not, under any circumstances, use the word “newsletter” in the subject line of your email newsletter. Statistics show that email open rates go down by almost 19% when this word appears in the subject line.

That’s typically because people think of traditional newsletters as boring rather than full of valuable content, as yours will be.

3. Use A/B testing

One great way to make sure the subject line you craft is a winner is to conduct A/B testing over a few variations of subject lines. You can test word length, humorous tone versus something more to the point, word choice, or any other number of factors.

Once you’ve seen what type of subject line your audience likes and responds to most, you’ll be on your way to the best opens and engagement you’ve seen from an email marketing campaign yet.

4. Avoid spammy words, special characters, and SHOUTING

You want to keep your sender reputation pristine, and that means staying out of the spam folder. Nothing says “spam” to email recipients and internet service providers more than special characters (#%*@) and messages in ALL CAPS.

Some commonly used spam words include:

  • Apply now
  • Auto email removal
  • Billion
  • Cash bonus
  • Cheap
  • Compare rates
  • Credit
  • Double your income
  • Earn £
  • Earn extra cash
  • Eliminate debt
  • Explode your business
  • Extra income
  • F r e e
  • Fast cash

Avoid the most common spam words and you’ll keep your subject lines out of trouble and your email out of the spam folder.

5. Consider all the options

There are many ways to approach email subject lines, from short and sweet, to personal, to keyword-specific, and more. Determine which of the many choices most closely fits your business’ personality and your audience’s preferences.

Some typical types of subject lines include:

  • Urgent
  • List
  • Controversial
  • Trending topic
  • Scarcity
  • How-to
  • Question
  • Local
  • Clever/catchy
  • Personal
  • Short and sweet
  • Sneak peek
  • Offer
  • Statistics
  • Command
  • Keyword

Why email?

Email campaigns are a great way to develop trust and confidence in your brand. Giving your customers information they need and want will help position your business as the go-to for value, whether that value is in the form of content, products or services.

To get to that point in your relationship with subscribers, however, you need to get your content in front of your subscribers. That means getting it past the quick inbox skim that most people do when managing their daily overload of emails.

While writing a basic subject line can be relatively easy, crafting one that amps up the opens and gets your material read again and again is a bit trickier.

Now that we’ve gone through the basics, take a closer look at what other companies have done with their subject lines to make their email marketing newsletters an inbox success…

The 7 best email subject lines tips to inspire you

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