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What opens your inbox?

FactorEmail blog email tips

Useful tips from FactorEmail for your email promotions:

What opens your inbox?

  • Write a good subject line – this is the first thing people will see when the campaign arrives in their inbox.
    – It should be short, a maximum of 50 characters will be visible in most email inboxes.
    – Think of it as a printed envelope for your campaign, a teaser to encourage opening rather than putting straight in the bin.
    – Choose your words carefully, for example ‘Sale’ has a far greater open rate than ‘Free’. CLICK HERE for a handy subject line keyword checker, PLUS download the 2013 Adestra Subject line Analyis Report.
  • Avoid using URLs (web addresses) as text, or shorteners – adding a URL as text to email content may seem like a really straightforward way to denote a link, but it tends to set off all sorts of spam filter alarm bells. For similar reasons, links generated using URL shorteners like Google URL Shortener also raise flags. Hiding a URL using a shortener is a common technique used by spammers and so these links are treated with suspicion in email. It’s better to use any other text for your links – more often than not in this scenario, link text like ‘visit our site‘ will do.


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