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Is email marketing part of your long term strategy to gain and retain clients?

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Email marketing is a very effective means of making contact with potential customers, initiating sales, repeating sales, keeping in touch with your customers and building customer loyalty. So plan your long term strategy for the best results.

There are the six lifecycle stages for customers, as described in this article posted on MarketingProfs:

  1. Prospects are “pre-customers” who need to be encouraged to learn more about the brand and convert to an active customer or user status. The conversion from prospect to customer is challenging, as marketers need to move them from a “just browsing” mindset into a fuller sense of engagement.
  2. Once someone becomes a paying or registered customer, the goal is to build a longer-term relationship. Email marketers need to show customers in this stage that they value the customer’s time and privacy.
  3. Active customers want to feel welcomed and important to the company. You need to present the company in its best light during this stage.
  4. For repeat customers, you need to dial back the tone and frequency of email communications, but you still need to keep an ongoing dialogue open through email and other channels.
  5. Lapsed customers have not made a purchase or taken other action within a certain timeframe that you have defined after careful customer analysis, and they should accordingly be segmented into “short-term,” “long-term,” and “seasonally lapsed.”
  6. Inactive or abandoned customers should be segmented into those who should no longer be contacted and those who might be enticed to return to the brand due to a carefully constructed marketing offer.

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