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Grow Your Audience
Grow Your Audience with FactorEmail

Email marketing is all about keeping in touch, and growing your audience by adding to your subscriber list is always good for business. A website sign up form is just one way to automatically add new subscribers to your email list. For FactorEmail users there are several other ways to grow your audience:

  • Add and edit a subscribe button – great for your sidebar, footer or those with limited screen space. (See button on the right of this page).
  • Link to a subscribe page – customise your form and then easily link to it. No website required. (See sample FactorEmail signup page)
  • A subscribe form on your iPad – Looks great and is easy to use. Great for introductory meetings and live events.
  • Subscribe on Facebook – install our app to add a simple subscribe form to your Facebook page. (See our Facebook page)
  • Manual entry – you can always login to your FactorEmail account and ‘Add new subscribers’ by typing them in yourself, as long as you have permission from that person.

FactorEmail users can find all these options in ‘Lists & Subscribers’. Click on an existing subscriber list, and then ‘Grow your audience’ on the right of the screen. Follow the on screen instructions.

Alternatively, if you would like us to set up these functions for you, and for a free review of your existing template(s) please call us on 0333 9900 106.