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email marketing do's and don'ts

10 Email marketing Do’s and Don’ts

 Email marketing is a proven tactic that marketers count on to drive results again and again. We found a handy infographic that details email marketing do’s and don’ts every marketer should know before they push send to ensure their email campaigns deliver. Should you buy an email list? When should […]

Christmas email marketing

A 20 point checklist for a merry email marketing season

 We all know that during the Christmas season we will receive a multitude of email marketing campaigns, to persuade us to part with our hard earned money, or to attend a zillion Christmas events. So how will your business battle through the masses to make sure your offer is at […]

How to provide a seamless customer experience in store, online and on mobile

 In an extremely competitive online marketplace where customers have endless options for making purchases, customer experience has become one of the main differentiators between retailers. In fact, data from Gartner says that by as soon as 2017, 89% of businesses will compete solely on customer experience. So how do you provide a […]

2016 summer Olympics in Rio

Do’s and Don’ts of email marketing for the summer games

 With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio in August, the Olympians aren’t the only ones who should be preparing to take part in the summer fun. Leveraging the excitement of the Summer Olympics for your email marketing campaigns is a golden way to reach your subscribers. Before you start planning […]

Email marketing campaigns by FactorEmail

Put a hero in your email marketing campaigns

 The FactorEstudio email marketing service, FactorEmail is an email marketing platform that creates and sends stunning email marketing campaigns, designed for responsive viewing on pc’s, phones and all devices. With FactorEmail’s email builder the possibilities are endless. You can build a custom email marketing campaign that starts with one of our […]

Easter and Spring email subject line ideas

 Easter is early this year. Now is the time to start preparing your email campaigns for all of the upcoming Spring events. So use the subject lines in this post as inspiration to create your Easter and Spring email marketing campaigns. Here’s a list of subject lines from B2C companies […]

FactorEmail blog email tips

5 stages for better email copywriting

 You want to create fresh, fun, sales-inducing emails right? Who doesn’t? So, what’s the secret? There must be a recipe, a formula, something that can help businesses write better email copy that converts subscribers. Well, you’re in luck. We have the recipe right here. Here’s a five-part framework that you […]

mobile apps

The right words in the right place

 The inbox is a competitive place. With so many emails jostling for your subscribers’ limited attention, it’s important that you make your subject line stand out – and get your email opened. So, what works best?  There is no “silver bullet” to getting people to open your email, research indicates that, so far, […]

FactorEmail blog email tips

What opens your inbox?

 Useful tips from FactorEmail for your email promotions: Write a good subject line – this is the first thing people will see when the campaign arrives in their inbox. – It should be short, a maximum of 50 characters will be visible in most email inboxes. – Think of it as a […]

FactorEmail blog email tips

Email marketing tips – grow your audience

 Email marketing is all about keeping in touch, and growing your audience by adding to your subscriber list is always good for business. A website sign up form is just one way to automatically add new subscribers to your email list. For FactorEmail users there are several other ways to […]