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How Geofence Push Notifications Can Work For Businesses

How Geofence Push Notifications Can Work For Businesses

 If you have not heard of geofence push notifications, you may have experienced it. Have you ever walked past a shop or into a specific area and received a push notification on your phone? If you haven’t, there is a good chance that soon you will start experiencing targeted messaging […]

Mobile Loyalty Schemes from Eazi-Apps

How do you reward loyalty from your customers?

 Mobile is increasingly taking centre stage when businesses are looking at creating and growing customer loyalty. What kind of Loyalty Scheme would work for you? Our mobile apps have the option of 2 ways to reward loyalty from your customers. A mobile loyalty card to encourage repeat custom where the […]

Mobile apps for business

PUSH to increase your revenue

 With an estimated 90% read rate, these are hard to ignore Sending PUSH messages that instantly pop up on all your users smartphones is a very powerful way to promote your offers and events. Mobile App owners can send messages directly linked to offers, events, or other content in their […]

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How to generate revenue with Mobile Apps (part 2)

 Welcome to the second in my series of tips on how to create new revenue streams with a mobile app. According to an ABI Research survey of consumers, they found that, of respondents who downloaded a retail branded app… 45.8% had visited the business more often 40.4% bought more of […]

Mobile apps for business

Mobile Apps for Advertising and Sponsorship

 How to generate revenue with Mobile Apps (part 1) Today, people use their mobiles/cellphones more than any other electronic device. The mobile platform is constantly developing, and is one of the most important, when it comes to promoting products and services. 75% of the world’s population are now mobile subscribers. […]


Where on earth are your clients?

  FactorEmail clients can take a sneaky peek and see who’s in town for the Olympics or escaping it all on an exotic beach. Our post campaign reporting not only tells them who has opened their email and what links they’ve clicked on, but the Worldview shows them where on […]


It’s great to share

  FactorEmail Keypoint No. 6¬†An email marketing campaign is a brilliant way to keep in touch with your clients, and you can spread the news even further with social media sharing. FactorEmail makes it easy for you and your email recipients to Tweet your campaign and share on Facebook, therefore […]


An email is not a website

  FactorEmail Keypoint No. 5 For any business your website is your online showroom or shop floor. People actively come to your site, whether directly, by searching or by following a link. They usually already know what they expect to find. An email campaign is different. It’s more like their […]


Alternative solution for turned off images

  FactorEmail Keypoint No. 4There will always be people who never enable images in their emails. So they won’t see your exciting promotional image or product photos. How do you tempt them to click your email links, show the images or go to the Web Version where all will be […]


Get the right links in!

  FactorEmail Keypoint No. 3 Your email campaign should contain links to your website or other websites that you want your readers to visit. Here’s a useful tip to make sure you get the right links in … and always test before you send! Following on from our ‘Short but […]