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With an estimated 90% read rate, these are hard to ignore

Eazi-Apps Push Message creation with GEO fencing
GEO fencing of your Push message, allows you to target customers as they enter a specific area that you have set.

Sending PUSH messages that instantly pop up on all your users smartphones is a very powerful way to promote your offers and events. Mobile App owners can send messages directly linked to offers, events, or other content in their app. Watch our video to find out more, including how to GEO fence your message using the Eazi-Apps platform. With an estimated 90% read rate, it seems these are hard to ignore.

With mobile apps from Eazi-Apps you can also use GEO locations to take advantage of GPS tracking to target users in a specific location, or GEO fence your messages so that customers receive them as they enter your target area.

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