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Twins winning logo for 21st Anniversary of Twin Research at St Thomas’s Hospital

Department of Twin Research, KCL, 21st Anniversary 2013

On Saturday 8th June, ‘ TwinsUK ‘ the Department of Twin Research (DTR) at St Thomas’s Hospital, London, will be celebrating their 21st Anniversary with a party for the thousands of twins who have volunteered for their world renowned research. My twin sister (Margaret Turton) and I (Barbara Pilgrim) are just two of those volunteers.

In August last year, I was delighted to win a competition to design a logo to mark the 21st Anniversary celebrations. Every logo that I design is created after much careful thought. The rationale for my logo design was:

  • the twin figures symbolise the close bonding of twins, also forming intertwined helices, representing DNA advances that have played a vital role in the DTR research over the years
  • the style of the figures is similar to the existing DTR logo and incorporates the purple and grey of that logo – in order to provide some consistency with the existing brand and so that the two logos can compliment each other
  • the colour variations indicate both the differences and the similarities to be found in “identically different” twins
  • the grey oval background can also be said to represent the womb in which the twins are conceived
  • the pink ‘balloon’ – well that just a bit of fun to celebrate the 21st Anniversary!

The finishing touch for the logo is the strap line ‘ Twinty-one years of discovery! ‘ This was also the winning entry in a competition to write a motto for the 21st Anniversary. By an amazing and strange coincidence (or not so strange if you know twins), this was won totally independently by my twin sister, Margaret Turton, who is a successful Sussex artist ( We believe we share strong creative genes – and the DTR has a genuine twin creation to help them celebrate this milestone event!

My sister and I wish them every success with the event on Saturday, and we are both looking forward to joining the celebrations.

Barbara Pilgrim, FactorEstudio

A huge thank you from the Department of Twin Research to Barbara Pilgrim (of FactorEstudio) who won our 21st anniversary logo competition with her colourful and eye-catching logo of intertwined twin helices beneath the number 21. Her logo adorns everything from our web-site ( to the front of our souvenir brochure, our merchandise and gift bags (including jute bags, mugs, tshirts, umbrellas, pens, notepads and car stickers), to our official letterhead and emails. Thank you Barbara, for bringing your special touch to our twin party. We can’t wait to celebrate with you!

Juliette Harris, Department of Twin Research, KCL. June 2013