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How Geofence Push Notifications Can Work For Businesses

How Geofence Push Notifications Can Work For Businesses

If you have not heard of geofence push notifications, you may have experienced it. Have you ever walked past a shop or into a specific area and received a push notification on your phone? If you haven’t, there is a good chance that soon you will start experiencing targeted messaging like this more and more.

Using the Eazi-Apps push notification service, businesses can send out messages that pop up on their customers’ mobile devices with offers, deals, vouchers and updates. These messages are usually sent out when the business hits the send button, or the message may even be scheduled to go out at a future date or time.

The geofence feature allows businesses to create a virtual fence around a specific geographical area. When one of their app users walks or drives into this area, they instantly get a location-specific message on their mobile device.

How Can Businesses Use Geofence Push Notifications?

The simplest way businesses can use geofencing is by sending out special offers when a customer is in close proximity to their business. However, there are unlimited uses for this type of targeted messaging. Here are some examples to think about:

  • Restaurants can setup a geofence at lunch time and send out timely messages promoting deals or offers.
  • Estate Agents can setup a geofence around properties for sale or rent and send out property particulars/information automatically.
  • Shops, Bars and clubs can let their customers know of events or discounts that are available when their customers are close by.

Businesses can even setup set up geofences around their competitors’ businesses. The applications for this type of technology are limited only by your imagination!

Using Geofencing Effectively

Recent studies have found that push notifications increases app user retention rates by an average 100% and that the use of push notifications leads to an average of 26% more monthly opens. With this in mind it is important that businesses do not send out messages indiscriminately as this can lead to customers disabling this feature, or worse still, deleting the app. Businesses should always think about the customer first and deliver time and location sensitive messages that offer value. They can do this by narrowing the virtual fence and targeting customers that are on their doorstep. You can also provideĀ message subscriptions, allowing your customers to opt in or out of message categories as they wish.

In summary, businesses can use geofence notifications as part of their overall marketing strategy. Sending out timely relevant messages offers a powerful addition to their overall marketing mix, helping them increase sales and drive in extra walk-in traffic.

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